This 22′-0″ x 40′-0″, 880 square foot addition more than doubled the gross area of the existing dwelling. The new space serves as the new living, dining, and kitchen area, while the previous kitchen becomes a bonus room. Access into the addition is through an enlarged opening within the previous kitchen. The main floor of the addition features a vaulted ceiling over the living area and a flat ceiling over the kitchen and dining areas. The project also converts a previous mudroom into a walk-up from the existing home’s basement. The existing foundation wall of the home also needed to be underpinned.

The unfinished basement serves as a rec. room and is constructed with a poured concrete foundation with an insulated frost wall. The main floor system is constructed from engineered, clear-spanning I-joists. The walls utilize zip sheathing, which is a product that includes sheathing and insulation together. The walls are cladded with cement board siding. The roof is constructed with parallel chord trusses with steel roofing. Spray foam insulation was chosen to insulate the ceiling instead of traditional batts.