Consider us for your custom:

Broere Design & Drafting can provide an architectural set of plans and your site plan.

The typical Architectural Drawings include: Elevations, Foundation, Floor Plans (Basement, Ground, and Upper as applicable), Cross Sections, Details, and Notes.

The typical Site Plan includes: Lot geometry and structure placement in accordance with zoning restrictions, Zoning analysis (lot coverage, structure coverage), and Zoning standards.

  • Dwellings, Homes, & Residences

Broere Design & Drafting can design and develop architectural drawings for a wide assortment of different structures:

– Homes, Cottages, Cabins & Bunkies

Mark’s designed small cabins up to full 4 season dwellings, wood to full ICF above-grade constructed walls, and from footings below soil frost cover or floating slabs to piers pinned to solid granite. Broere Design & Drafting has experience with both single and multi-family dwellings as well as with secondary suites.

– Garages & Carports

With experience with frost covered or floating 1, 1.5, or 2-storey garages, laneway garages,  attached or detached garages, and carports, Mark can turn-around garage plans within 48 hours.

– Decks

Broere Design & Drafting has designed decks ranging from rectangular, 1 level entry decks to massive 3-tier multi-feature decks. Mark is familiar with many different railing types and decking products, and utilizes alternative solutions to accommodate site features Examples of this may be where a deck is against a brick veneer wall, or a water feature may abut the deck. Mark has produced drawings for pool decks, hot tub decks, attached and free-standing decks, shaped decks, multi-tier decks, multi-level decks, entry decks, BBQ decks, wrap-around decks and more.

– Additions & Renovations

The scope of work for additions and renos can vary greatly. For some jobs, only a beam may need to be removed or a kitchen remodel, while jobs may demand a full gut, keeping only the shell. Mark has worked on additions to attached to front, side, and rear exterior walls, as well as second or third storey additions. Some additions enlarge houses, garages, or boathouses. We’ve renovated many homes and cottage, as well as some commercial properties.

– Concrete Walk-Ups

Broere Design & Drafting has designed concrete walk-up retaining wall entrances to both existing or proposed basements. In some instances, an engineer is required which Mark can facilitate, such when specifying shallow frost-protected foundations.

– Existing or As-Built Drawings

Sometimes the municipality will request as-built drawings of an existing structure, or existing drawings will be needed from which to develop addition drawings or renovation drawings. Mark can either come to site to measure or we can work with the client or contractor to provide measurements and develop these drawings.

Along with the Architectural Drawings, Broere Design & Drafting can also develop a Site plan to position the build on your property and ensure all setbacks are met. Building areas are determined and lot coverage calculations are included. A site plan is usually needed as part of the building permit submission package.

Broere Design & Drafting’s focus is to translate ideas first into rough drafts then into permit ready documents for submission to your local building department. From your dream cottage to a new backyard shed, we’re committed to what matters most: making your visions a reality with time efficiency and costs in mind.